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im so tired
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"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
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I, your sheep, too young to see
while you, my wolf, kept clawing at me
eventhough I walked away,
you still linger to this day

I wore too many faces then
None of which were mine
And today, I still wear that smile
that promises, “I’m fine”

But “fine” is what you taught me
Your definition so obscure
All you whispered to me
leaves my body still at war

My hat is off, I’m quite impressed
but I’m far from amused
You set so many triggers
I might be free, but still abused

I might never see you
You won’t touch me anymore
You’re not supposed to reach
but you still choke me like before

Because you became my mindset
and you placed your traps inside
You keep whispering deep terrors
from these flashbacks that you hide

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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow
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This is it!
Pink Floyd The Endless River

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water lilies by Claude Monet

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My father tells me that I’m too loud
but he hasn’t yet figured out that
I inherited it from him,
that some traits were passed down

to his daughters
even though he wanted to see them

in sons.

Had I been a boy, he would’ve told me

to shout louder,

the the world wants to hear

what a man has to say.

I’ll keep shouting until someone listens,
until I wake up god from a peaceful
night’s sleep.

He created all men equally,
where do I fit in?

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I like how the original title for The Fault in Our Stars is all poetic and then the Norwegians just translated it to “fuck destiny” and I think that’s beautiful

Aw man, I thought for sure this had to be bullshit but nope

Why is it always Norway

Norway, a nation where you can put the word “fuck” on the cover of a young adult novel.
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protect teenage girls from these creepy white boy youtubers

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